Gem Elixirs

All of our essences are natural and organic. They contain no artificial preservatives, artificial scents, artificial colors, or animal products or by-products.

The most common way to use an essence is to take it orally, putting three to five drops under the tongue four times a day. Add our essences to purified water in spritzers and humidifiers, bath and beauty products, lotions, and the like. Use them to cleanse a room or your car.

Essences work best when used in increments of three or seven. Each bottle will last approximately four weeks. Each bottle costs $11.00.

Please use the contact form to inquire about essence blends that are just right for you. Kindly allow 3–5 business days for a response.


  • amazonite
  • Apache tears
  • apophylite
  • aquamarine
  • beryl
  • cat’s eye
  • chrysanthemum stone 
  • chrysocolla
  • citrine 
  • copper
  • coral (black)
  • diamond (Herkimer)
  • dioptase
  • fluorite (green)
  • garnet
  • gold
  • kinzite
  • kyanite 
  • lodestone
  • meteorite
  • onyx
  • pearl
  • peridot
  • petrified wood
  • pyrite
  • ruby
  • sandstone
  • silver 
  • tourmaline (black, green, blue, and pink)
  • turquoise